Hey there Chica Bonita! 

 I date online is because I am a mom and hang out on soccer/football fields, yoga studios and with my married friends. Before I dated online, I would meet 1 or 2 guys out in the world and "fall madly in love" not because I was in love with them, rather because it felt good to know people were out there and were attracted to me. Because I was starving for affection. attention and intimacy with an adult, I would get attached too fast, freak me/them out and it would end awkwardly and left me feeling bad.

Online dating has given me the opportunity to know there are A LOT of men out there that I can meet and be attracted to and have them feel attracted to me. It has helped me work with the feeling of LACK. But it is NOT EASY!

Online dating can totally SUCK!

Are you frustrated with ONLINE DATING?

If so, I get it.

I was too!  Until now. Now I LOVE IT. 

And now I LOVE ONLINE DATING and use it for my clients as a tool for them to have fantastic dates, meet their soulmate and fall madly in love.

I have successfully figured out the steps around what you do not like about online dating : you are not attracted to the men, there is no chemistry, online dating is exhausting, the guys just want sex etc etc.

And I have made it fun and light and playful for you so you can enjoy this dating time instead of abhor it.

Life is too short to not be having fun!

 I know you want to GET OFF dating sites and GET BUSY with your SOULMATE so you can start having :

  • Snuggle on the couch time 
  • Amazing vacations together
  • A great guy to talk/text and share your day and make fun plans with
  • A rocking sex life with the man of your dreams
  • A loving partner to share parties, friends weddings, dates with other couples, your child's sports activities
  • A BEST friend and a lover to grow old with

Give me a HELLS YAH.. if you are ready for that!

Hugs and love,


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