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I have always believed there are MANY ways to the find the solution to a problem. There are several options for you to work with me so you can find yourself with fantastic dates, attract your soulmate and fall MADLY in love. Can I get a HELL YES! 


Private Coaching

This First Date to Soulmate Session is for you if you want to:

  • Discover the top 3 ways you may be stalling your love life and instead open your heart up for Mr Right

  • Learn exactly how to break your patterns of attracting the unavailable guy for good, magnetize the hotties to you, fall madly in love with someone you are SUPER ATTRACTED to have fun date nights, vacations and a rocking sex life.

  • Discover the SIMPLE SECRETS to falling in love with the online dating game vs dreading it, getting frustrated, burned out and quitting

Private Coaching investment starts at $ 1500 USD. 

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Breakthrough Barriers to Love VIP Session

If you are ready for a MAJOR breakthroughs in your LOVE LIFE so you can find the man of your dreams then sign up for a VIP session.

In this 120 minute VIP session you will: 

  • Discover how to attract the man of your dreams 
  • Uncover hidden obstacles that have been stopping you from having the loving, fulfilling relationships you deserve
  • Rediscover your confidence and ability to trust yourself to bring more love and peace into your life (nothing is as sexy as confidence)
  • Access your hidden lightness and playfulness while dating, so your man will feel magnetized to the FANTASTIC WONDERFUL YOU

VIP sessions start at $350 USD

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Perfect Online Dating Profile Makeover Session 

To Attract more HOTTIES and Repel the Mr Wrongs for GOOD! 

  • Learn the top tactics to make your profile STAND OUT from the others so your MR RIGHT can find you quickly and effortlessly

  • Put yourself in the position to choose from tons of Mr Right hotties that are attracted to the unique and wonderful you based on your perfect online profile

  • Discover the #1 secret to captivating Mr Right and repelling Mr Wrongs for good

60 minute Profile Makeover session is $225 USD Apply Now